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About nehawu

NEHAWU is a growing union with more than 275 000 members that captures the attention of all public sector employers. NEHAWU is a democratically controlled union where all leaders are subjected to transparent elections by Members.

NEHAWU’s membership is not limited to general workers but also includes office administrators, professionals such as doctors, nurses, social workers, health auxiliaries and managers alike. An active base of NEHAWU shop-stewards offers members specialised industrial advice at any given time.

representation and protection

Our active structures and leadership base can offer NEHAWU members specialised industrial advice. We provide representation and protection to matters relating to your employment, Including:

Wages & conditions
Access to professional development
Unfair dismissals & disciplinary issues
Redeployment & redundancy
Contract and casual employment issues
Skills development opportunities
Transformation of the workplace
Healthy & safe working environment

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